Welcome Many turning points in mankind's history involved military conflict. As with other human endeavors, the technology of warfare evolved over time. In this regard, the twentieth century has been called "the century of aerial warfare." Although combat aircraft receive the most attention in our recollections of military aviation history, the vital role of trainer aircraft cannot be overlooked. Without trainers, there would have been no pilots.  The WarBird Museum of Virginia was founded for the purpose of educating the public about historically significant military aircraft, with emphasis on trainers. Currently, the Museum operates an authentic North American T-28 "Trojan" - a Navy B model. The Museum strives to inform the public about the important contribution the T-28 made to our nation's military readiness by displaying its plane at air shows, fly-ins and similar venues. In addition, the museum conducts tours and lectures for individuals and groups at its hangar and elsewhere.  Operating from Richmond Executive Airport near Richmond, Virginia, the Museum reaches people throughout the eastern United States. The WarBird Museum of Virginia is a tax-exempt, charitable, non-profit corporation that exists on public support. With your donation of $50 or more, you will become an Annual Supporting Member of the Museum. As a Supporting Member, you will have the knowledge that you are helping to preserve a piece of aviation history. Supporting Members may also have the opportunity to help with the upkeep of the plane and to sometimes serve as crewmembers during display events. Your tax-deductible donation may be made with PayPal by clicking here or by simply sending a check to: WarBird Museum of Virginia P.O. Box 671 Chesterfield Virginia 23832 You will receive a contribution statement for your tax records and you will also receive a T-28 lapel pin, patterned after our own plane, as a token of our appreciation. We thank you for helping us preserve and display this historic aircraft.